On Monday September 24, 2018 the Polo Firefighter’s Association was awarded the Polo Chamber of Commerce Volunteer of the Year Award. Pictured: Polo Fire Chief Tony Karrow accepts the Volunteer of the Year Award on behalf of the Polo Firefighter’s Association.

1990    Louise Quick (deceased 09/20/2004)
1991    Willis Pittinger (deceased)
1992    Paul Graehling (deceased)
1993    Thurston Sarber (deceased)
1994    Ed Olsen
1995    Elaine Mount
1996    John H. Harris (deceased)
1997    Larry Loomis
1998    Dr. John Clayton (deceased 1999)
1999    Merle McCaffrey
2000    Robert Keefer (deceased 02/18/2002)
2001    Betty Obendorf
2002    Dwight and Doris Silvius
2003    Susie Corbitt
2004    M. Thomas Suits
2005    Larry Lannen (deceased 2007)
2006    Kenneth Obendorf
2007    Michael Faivre
2008    Shirley Clayton
2009    Theresa Lannen
2010    Betty Jean Ebert
2011    Jeff Grobe
2012    Anne & Carl Vock (Carl is deceased)
2013    Mark Scholl
2014    Mark Ebert
2015    Mike Bowman
2016    Bill & Beverly Burkardt

2017    Joan Raley

2018    Ron & JoDee Bardell

2019    Chris Rademacher

2021    Richard “Dick” Gibbs 

2016 Citzens of the year: 

Bill & Beverly Burkardt

Congratulations to the 2018 Citizens of the Year. Polo is lucky to have such a giving couple. JoDee and Ron Bardell, Congratulations!
Photo supplied by Jeff Bardell

2019 Citizen of the Year - Chris Rademacher

2004    Bob Schmidt
2005    Mike and Paula Faivre
2006    Don Vock
2007    Mark Ebert
2008    Polo Lions Club
2009    Avis Ehmen (deceased 2010)
2010    Jennifer Grobe
2011    Lori Galor
2012    Cliff Harmon
2013    Terry Jenkins
2014    Bill Saunders
2015    Kurt Cavanaugh
2016    Kathy Wragg

2017    Robert Heath

2018    Polo Firefighter’s Association

2019    Jon & Kim Miller

2021    Joey Kochsmeier

Polo Chamber of Commerce
Citizen of the Year Award

Carole Nettz Volunteer of the Year Award

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